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BlacWater Sounds

Check out the gallery of orders people have requested in the past. Products including but not limited to stitch & sew, stencil/halftones/screen printing along with vinyl and other various heat applications techniques. Tutorials available with downloadable files to go along with the lessons can be found at

Stillokink Company
Interview with the artist know as PRAE
Poems by Prae

Please know that you have such talent and your words not only touch me, but so many here keep writing, expressing and touching our souls, You are a gift to this world , truly you are, and also , embrace peace and tranquility and it will come.

GrindCityStudios and BlacWaterSounds team up . Great Work.
GrindCityStudios LLC working with BlacWaterSounds LLC on some great projects. Stay tune…..

The smooth sounds of Anne and NEMEsI song entitled Missing You
NEMEsI presence Beast Riots
Moments with Race Malone
MEMEsI fighting against soldier’s committing suicide also works with Song entitled Main Gun